Forever Faithful

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I came across this little slip of paper about a week ago. It was pretty crazy timing. I wrote this scripture on this piece of paper at the very beginning of our first adoption process some 6 1/2 years ago.

 Danny and I found ourselves in the middle of a conversation about faith last week.  We talked on and on about how stretching it is to be in the middle of a season of trusting God to bring about something impossible. We laughed about the relief of finding yourself at the end of such a wait. What a joy it is! And then, just like that, the Holy Spirit immediately hit me with the scripture from Hebrews: The righteous shall live by faith.

It suddenly became a very vivid reality to me. I told Danny, “I don’t know. For some reason I don’t think we’re designed to live like that. I wonder if we’ll ever go back to that comfortable way of life again. I think God is going to keep us trusting Him for the next impossibility.”

It’s true. We’ve sincerely never had a season in our life like the one we are in now, where pretty much every detail of it has to be a walk of faith. In every corner ranging from our time, to adoption, to the dreams God has put in our hearts for our area,  to our home, to our finances, to our vehicles, to our futures, to selling our home that’s been on the market for 8 months…all of it. And guess what? He is constantly amazing us in every area with His faithfulness.

We never lack anything. He always comes through just in time. He alone does these things.

I found myself here in this place 6 1/2 years ago with God beckoning me away from my comforts as we stepped out to adopt for the first time- which was in every way an impossibility for us. And now, there are a wide array of impossibilities He has called us to. I clearly would have crumbled under the weight of all that is set before us now, back then. I certainly don’t have any part of walking by faith down, but as I see the unending faithfulness of God played out day by day by day…how could I not be full of joy? How could I not have a great excitement rumbling inside of me? Being surrounded by impossibilities as a believer in the Living God only means one thing. It means we are about to witness the miraculous.

He has promised an abundance for every good work. We can count on it.