Family Updates

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It has been a while. August actually feels like three weeks ago. Anyone else? I’ve been writing regularly on instagram and on my facebook page, but haven’t intended to fade out the blog. No time like now to give an all around update.

Life has been good. Lots of new things are happening. Lots of steps of faith and God-sized miracles. The church ministry is expanding in so many ways, and we are purchasing a new property because we are out of walls to knock out in our present church campus. We should sign on the new property in around a week. It’s another amazing story of the faithfulness of God over the years, and I cannot wait to tell it.

So why not begin with the smallest Reedling?


Cedar (18 months old) is doing so well. I absolutely adore this age and all the things he is learning to say and do. Cedar loves to make everyone laugh, and he’ll jump off the couch or fall over anytime if it means he’ll get some laughs out of his siblings. He seriously has little to no fear, which means he keeps a bump on his head. I’ve had to resort to keeping all of the stools on the counters until we get past this phase, because I have no idea what stunt he is going to pull next. He loves, loves, loves to climb and jump. Future skydiver? He is a true snuggle-bug and¬†enjoys being hugged and read to. He still doesn’t sleep all night, but hey, whose counting?

Chapel is also doing so well. She turned 5 in September. Last month she said her first word: Mama! We were all so excited. It is still very difficult for her to mimic sounds but she works very hard at it. She continues to progress with sign language and can tell us all sorts of things in ASL. (Cedar is learning alongside her, so that’s pretty cool.) Chapel is super spunky and silly. She loves to explore and has gotten quite brave. In fact, a few times she’s given us a scare by just opening the door and taking off to play- which is actually a huge step of bravery for her. We are working on the make-sure-we-tell-mama-when-we-want-to-go-outside-thing. But she is all about jumping on the trampoline and playing in the flower beds these days.

Salem is growing so tall and so big, I can hardly believe it. He will be 7 next month! He is at such a fun age! This is the age where he thinks mom and dad are the coolest and he loves to learn all the things! This guy is a maker. He gets so excited to paint, craft, or make new kinds of paper airplanes. We’ve been having a lot of fun in school learning about all kinds of animals, which is his favorite part of the school day.

Camila Cakes is growing like a weed! She just turned 11 years old and her favorite things are still running around and playing outside, going to church, and playing on the computer. She is a Disney girl through and through and loves Wreck it Ralph and Toy Story. She continues to progress in speech and in school. We are so proud of our Camila!

Amaus is getting so tall as well! He turned 11 in September! He loves rap, and music in-general. He enjoys games and electronics, is still “Amaus-the-funny” and is always working on a plan to do something new. <3

Isaac is 13, and will be 14 next month! Say, what?! It’s really amazing to watch him growing into this outgoing, sociable guy. Not that he wasn’t sociable when he was younger, but its neat to watch your sons growing into themselves and reaching out to connect with other people. Isaac is still playing baseball and games will begin next month. He is also working on playing the guitar and singing. I’m hoping he will keep that up!

I am continually amazed by my Yamilet. She is such a kind and nurturing young woman. She has a sweet heart and loves to help. Yami has worked hard to get caught up in school, and is very close to being right on target after two years of tireless work, specifically in math. She is learning to play the drums and is rocking it! She recently decided on her own to lead her own small group Bible study with other teen girls. That begins in January. <3 Yami says that she’d like to receive training after high school to work with infants and toddlers in the Montessori school, and then become a Marine Biologist. I have no doubt she’ll conquer everything Jesus has put inside of her heart.

Josiah will turn 16 next month. He is stretching out to be sooo tall! He is right at 6’3 now! I couldn’t be prouder of all of his hard work. He’s a junior this year. Most of his classes are college classes now, and he will have finished all of his basics for college when he graduates next year. He is very into computer programming and coding, and has passed me up long ago in math and science. Josiah has justice beating in his heart and pumping through his veins. He walks with integrity and I can’t wait to see all that Jesus has for him in the years ahead.


Danny and I are doing well, too. We are plowing forward together and so excited for all that the Lord is doing in the ministry and in our community. It’s what’s been in our hearts from the beginning, and its an exciting unfolding.

We have experienced so much healing over the last nearly two years, and truly, so many breakthroughs have been birthed out of the deepest pain of our lives. God has been faithful, and the sun is coming up. There is new life coming forth in all areas of our family, even though the picture looks far different than we expected it would years ago. We continue to learn so much about what being called to restoration means. Part of that is learning that Jesus can bring healing a million different ways, and surrender is being willing to let him facilitate that life through us, or even through others, when He says so. Being a restorer means embracing and trusting when His picture looks different than our expectations, too. God is faithful in it all.

I just finished up my first semester of college as an adult. My kids are now part of the #yourmomgoestocollege club. I’m working on a couple of things at once. (surpise, surprise). God began a work inside of me sometime back when He gave me a word. “It’s time to stop looking for resources and it’s time to begin building them.”

Part of the church growth and ministry growth involves our church starting a Montessori school. I’ll tell more of that tale later, but I am walking through the training to be a Montessori teacher for the early childhood classroom, while I simultaneously work on an undergrad degree in developmental psychology. I will still be working on the psychology degree after I am finished with the MACTE teacher accreditation process, and will follow it to the master’s level in counseling. I am at best, a good four years from completing the requirements to become a certified christian counselor, and will continue to teach in the early childhood classroom while I work on completing the masters in counseling.

I am thrilled about all of it. I am thrilled that my own children, both those with special needs and developmental delays, along with those without those struggles, will have such an incredible environment to learn and grow in. I am so stoked to be a part of this movement! Our staff is set for the upcoming year, and my heart is so full that my own children and children in our area will have the opportunity to experience faith-based Montessori education.

God very clearly directed me to begin the path to become a counselor. It’s amazing how the very things that have caused the greatest pain and brokeness in our own lives can be the pivotal points that birth a direction for our futures. This journey of pain has brought us to many hard realities, one of which is the fact that there are very few christian counselors for families who are walking through trial and trauma. God clearly directed me to step in this direction and then He has supernaturally provided for each step of the way. The vision? Our new church campus will have in-house and ongoing christian counseling- a Restoration Center. God is able.


I hope you and your families are doing well! Love from all of us this holiday season!