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We leave for our mission trip to Iquitos, Peru in only 4 weeks!! Actually, one day less than 4 weeks, but who’s counting? Several super exciting things have developed in the last few days.

We have been told that WE CAN MEET OUR TWO KIDS WHILE WE ARE IN LIMA!! This is huge. It’s all butterflies in this gal’s tummy. However, we cannot let them know that we are pursuing them and we will have to be “just another guest” in the orphanage. But, hey…I’m still thrilled beyond belief. Isn’t God amazing?!

I’m preparing for the trip. I’m getting my ducks in a row. I’m planning goody bags for the orphanage and also goody bags for my sweet Reedlings who will be at home with family. I want them to have an envelope to open every day from mama and daddy. I am doing my best to talk through the plans with Camila, especially, so she knows what is going to happen. I’m furthering my Spanish with a crash course in duolingo. I had already been working on it a little, but knowing I will be able to meet the two children we are pursuing…well let’s just say I’m throwing this mug into overdrive!

Our social worker received the corrected home study and has been making the corrections. I am hoping she is finished today. I feel an even greater urgency, after we have had correspondence with the orphanage through a friend. Apparently, there has been talk at the adoptions office of splitting up the two kids we are pursuing (siblings), because they have been waiting so long for a family. They seem to have thought it would have been better for one of them to be adopted, and to take who we believe will be our daughter, off the list, since it didn’t appear that they would be adopted together. I am not sure if this talk from the adoption office came before or after we let them know of our intentions to pursue them. I really hope before, but it has been four months since that talk and our paperwork has hardly moved. Do they think we have changed our minds?

I have chosen not to worry. I know my God has the victory. But the orphanage says we need to hurry. We know we need to hurry. So please pray that our paperwork moves at record speed at CIS. We need that rare 38 day approval! We need them to look at our papers and say, “No problem!” Please pray that these corrections are finished and finalized in the next few days.

I cannot wait to see the story the Lord brings about in all of this. Either way, we know that this brother and sister may have been split up- and God broke through and opened our eyes to them just in time. “Move these mountains, Lord Jesus!”

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  1. Penny

    That is awesome news that you can meet them! Really wish you could tell them you’re their mom and dad, but I guess the orphanage is afraid of disappointing them. I know you’re so excited, though, to see them in person! 🙂