Everlasting Arms and Perfect Love

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Sometimes when we least expect it, fear sneaks up and begins to plant the “what-ifs” and “hows” into our minds.

“How will I handle it if this happens?”

“I don’t know what I’ll do if…”

“What is going to happen if this doesn’t come through?”

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot on the above scripture:


God didn’t just give us a temporary refuge in Himself from time to time when things got tough. He is eternal…making him our permanent refuge from what we face today and anything we could ever possibly face in the years to come.


And if that weren’t enough…underneath are His everlasting arms! What can outrun eternity? What has more longevity than “everlasting?” Nothing.

Knowing that brings my heart great peace. There will never, ever be a need that outruns the everlasting arms of God.

There’s no question about it- as long as we reside in this world there will be battles ahead. Storms will come just like pleasant and fair weather. But the eternal God who knows what’s in the forecast also is already there.

He will forever be a refuge for you and I in the years ahead just as He’s always been. His arms are up ahead holding me up on into eternity- because they’re everlasting.

And that right there is perfect love, y’all. This kind of love casts out all fear of what might come and how things might be.

I will never be alone. My God is ahead and behind; an everlasting refuge for us. What peace…