Drum Roll Please…

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Guess what?? Our i800a application, request to adopt two children from a Hague convention country, was APPROVED YESTERDAY!! I found out first thing this morning!!

As a member of my family said, “I love it when God flexes His muscles!!”  And He seems to love to flex them in a huge display of His splendor to place the fatherless in a family.

Once again, God defeats every odd to do the impossible. Once again, God reminds us that he will do all he says he will do.

There’s some serious celebrating going on in our home. And we are about to celebrate our way to get blood drawn,  tb skin tests, and chest x-rays done TODAY.  I’ve never been so excited to be poked in all my life. I see my kids coming home…

next stop: DOSSIER TO PERU!

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  1. It’s moving along, finally. It won’t be long before they are home. 🙂