Dossier MOVING!

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We received some encouraging news yesterday- our dossier is no longer in translation and has been moved to “in review!” If I’m remembering correctly, most other people I’ve followed who have received pre-approval for a child typically receive their letter of acceptance in about 1-2 weeks from being in review.

That means it’s very possible that I will be heading to Ch*na at the end of October/ beginning of November! Travel is usually 8-10 weeks from receiving the letter of acceptance. Woohooo!! This has the planning side of my brain wanting to start cooking and freezing meals for Danny and the kids, me thinking on the sweet new bundle of bumgenius cloth dipes I plan to order for Chapel, and just a million other small details that make my heart flutter. We made the decision a few months back that it would be better if Danny stays home with our other Reedlings to maintain the normal routine, and my mom, who has never traveled internationally, will be leaping out of her comfort zone to go to Ch*na with me.

Thanks to a softball tournament that our amazing friends put together for our family, along with the gifts of friends, we are now about $11,000-$12,000 away from having this process totally covered. While that may seem like a ton of money, it feels so incredibly small compared to the $35,000ish dollars that we started out requiring to bring Chapel home. God is so faithful.

And there’s more good news- someone is trying to buy our home that’s been on the market for about 9 months. We are praying fervently that this works out and it is sold very soon! Having the house sold will be a pretty major relief.

We are praying for the remaining provision for this process, for God to prepare us all for the days ahead, and that Chapel will soon be in our arms!