Confident Hope

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Several months back Isaac expressed to us that he wanted to play football. Our summer kind’ve got flushed down the toilet of emergant needs and there just wasn’t a lot of extra wiggle room for anything above coping. I hated it, but we missed the deadline for sign ups. Isaac took it like the champ he is and life rolled on.

But out of nowhere, two days ago he told me that he wanted to play junior high baseball and that try outs were the following day. “Wait, what?!” I kind of stuttered and tried to figure out what to say. Our week is like an over-loaded sandwich and if we added one more tomato, the insides were likely going to flop out on the table. Besides that, I was a bit taken aback by his desire to play and even more taken aback by the fact that try outs were in a day and Isaac hasn’t picked up a baseball in around five years!

I mean, it’s nothing for junior high football players to feel fairly new to the game, but most junior high baseball players have at best been faithful to league ball and probably even faithful to that tournament ball stuff. Tournament ball and honestly, sports in general are pretty foreign to our family life. We gave t-ball it’s customary nod as most average families do, but let’s face it- It wasn’t going to be or wasn’t able to be a hobby we spent all our spare time pouring into. As expected, none of our kids have been all that passionate about it either. It has been years since we got out in the yard and threw a ball back and forth. We just aren’t sports people, what can i say?! 🙂

“Isaac,” I told him…”if you would’ve mentioned this sooner we could have at least been practicing with you!” I was mama nervous. I didn’t want my sweet Isaac to go have his heart crushed when he didn’t make the team- but I was still super proud of him for wanting to play. Amazingly, Isaac didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned. Had he forgotten that this sport took a lot of work and practice?

I expressed my mama feelings to Danny and he told me in the way only he could, “I know what you’re saying, but I’ll never be that dad that discourages my kid from trying.” Of course I agreed, and so I started praying- possibly a little for his heart just in case he didn’t make the team afterall.

The morning of tryouts was a day packed with out of town orthodontist appointments and tutoring. Before we drove to get Isaac’s bottom braces put on, he dug in his brother’s toy box and found an old glove. I have no idea where it came from. Never seen it before in my life!  But he took the glove outside and had Yami throw the ball to him for about five minutes until I yelled for everyone to load up.

I prayed off and on throughout the day. Isaac kept track of our time with extra diligence because he wanted to be sure he didn’t miss try outs.

That evening he had Danny bring him nearly an hour early, he was so excited. Before he left he did some more digging around the house and found Danny’s old bat and bag from when Danny played ball at the age of 12! Haha! Just the tools he needed at just the right time!

Back at home, I waited as long as I could stand it and texted Danny for an update. They were still waiting for Isaac’s turn over at tryouts but Isaac and one other kid were the only ones who showed up in street clothes and school shoes. Haha! We were really prepared for these tryouts, I tell ya what! 😀

A little bit later I got an update! “By the way…Isaac didn’t miss a single ball pitched!” Out of around 15 pitches, he hit every single ball! What on earth?!

Isaac had a complete and confident hope from the first knowledge of tryouts that he was going to play baseball. He didn’t seem to care that he didn’t have a new glove or bat, or athletic wear or a lot of experience even, to show up for try outs. He just went and tried his best.

The Lord really humbled me with Isaac’s attitude and confidence. Do I have the kind of confidence in my Jesus that in the middle of my circumstance, I know everything is going to be good, despite my lack of tools or experience? Am I sitting around declaring what I don’t have instead of just grabbing what I do have and going forward to achieve the purposes God has put in my heart.

Sometimes difficult times and missed opportunities can make us just feel like we should give up trying at all. That’s called being hopeless. When we have confidence in our faithful God, we are full of expectant hope. Hope that God will surely do everything He has promised, despite what roadblocks have attempted to detour us from our purpose. It’s not just hope…it’s confident hope!

We’ve since found out that Isaac made the the Jr. High baseball team! We are pretty stinkin’ proud of him!

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. -Romans 15:13