Choose Joy and Home Study Review

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The review of our home study began two days ago! That’s really super! They expected it to be finished in about a day but unfortunately it looks like it will run through the end of this week. We are praying all of the details are fine tuned and our paperwork is on its way to CIS by the end of next week. Every minute does count right now and our sincere hope is that we will not have to file for an extension with Ch*na regarding our preapproval for Chapel- but we are really pushing it to meet that 6 month deadline.

Tomorrow I fly out for Laguna Hills, California where I’ll be attending The Choose Joy event. I am pretty excited to be speaking at this conference and asking God to go before me and that He would move mightily in all those who attend! I applied to speak at this conference sometime around 9-10 months ago. I didn’t actually meet the speaker requirements, but applied to speak anyway and asked God to make a way if this was his plan. I was amazed when I heard back with an invitation to speak! I’m looking forward to meeting others in the adoption community!


The following weekend we are planning a big garage sale. I’m praying we make the remainder of the money we need to apply with CIS and our next agency fee- which are due next week. We are about $2000 short- but this is such a small thing for God! We’ve already seen Him provide around $9000 in a few months for this process! We trust He knows all that’s ahead! He is faithful!!