Chapel’s CAT Scan

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Last week was pretty rough for our little love muffin. I think the visits and tests had her all out of whack and then she got sick again and ran fever all week. It was tough for her. Thankfully she has bounced back and has been her happy and giiggly self the last couple of days. This gal is loved insanely and she sure melts my heart! (And that big bow…sigh…all the heart eyes.)

We finally heard back about the CAT scan Chapel had last week that she was sedated for. Yesterday we got a call from the doctor’s office and they told us that from what they can tell it appears that her left ear is formed to the point that she should be a candidate for a cochlear implant on that side. They aren’t sure about the right side. This doctor is going to talk to a ENT who does cochlear implants and find out our next steps and set up an appointment with this ENT.

So now we wait to hear about that! This was good news! We trust that God is writing our little Chapel’s story just the way he wants it written and I am thrilled that I get the privilege of being her mommy.