Chapel Update!!

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We received a Chapel update!! What an exciting morning!


And she is now standing up and crawling around!


Look how sweeeet! She’s checking herself out. 🙂

image image

My heart melts. We were a little sad that she is still so tiny. She only weighs 20 pounds and will soon be two! She also is on calcium because the doctor thought she seemed to be low on it.

The new update said that she was not saying many sounds and they thought she was not hearing well. As many of you know, Chapel has bilateral microtia and her ear openings are very tiny. She will likely require surgery and may have cochlear implants and/or ear prosthesis. We do have video of her turning to a banging sound and also we have a doctor report stating that her inner ear is normal on both sides. We will not know the full extent of her hearing ability until she is home and is seen by a doctor who specializes in this condition.

I can’t wait to hold her…love her…letter of acceptance come quickly!!