Changes For Summer

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We’ve been in a process as a family for a while to get rid of chemical laden junk in our products and diet. We’ve been a lot more successful on the product side than the diet side so far.

It’s funny for me to think about but our first few children had never even tried boxed cereal until they were around five. haha! The more our family has grown the more terrible our diets have gotten. Now we are to the point that a whole lot of what we eat is processed junk. I’m downright ashamed as a mama, y’all. 😀

I’ve been doing a lot of studying in recent months on the affects of parabens and other toxic chemicals that are in a lot of our routine skin and laundry and dish products and what the long-term repercussions of packing our bodies full of them might be. We know how they affect animals in reputable studies, and it doesn’t look good. We’ve since been switching over to products that aren’t packed with junk.

I’ve been mentally assessing how eating better might help our entire family, but the extra work involved has kept the project stalled. I mean yes, we eat some good stuff- but it’s mixed in with a whole lot of junk.

For about a year and a half before Cedar was born, up until his birth, I was personally following a paleo/keto diet most of the time. I felt great and my weight stayed at a healthy place. I’ve wavered a lot into terrible eating since Cedar has been born- but have generally tried to follow that pattern.

Back at the end of January I started having some serious issues with my knee. Like, it began to swell up like a basketball and the pain was pretty debilitating. My hips also hurt a lot. I couldn’t understand what the root cause of the problems were because I had been working out for a long time and the joint pain and swelling was quite sudden.  This brought me to go see an orthopedic doctor who confirmed that my knees that had been dislocating for my whole life needed surgery. We pretty much knew that was coming. But the MRI showed that while I did have arthritis from years of my knees popping out of place, I had all ligaments in tact and there were no injuries. So why had my knee started swelling up like this out of nowhere?

I began really thinking on that a few weeks back, because that pain and swelling has been ongoing. When I went to get on the trampoline with Salem I had so much hip and knee pain that I couldn’t even jump. I got off of the trampoline pretty determined. I am only (almost) 36! I’m not ready to stop jumping and playing, y’all! That’s when I started praying for God to show me what had changed to cause all of the swelling.

A day later I remembered. That was when we began a church fast and I started the Daniel fast (side note: I am all for fasting). But I had completely swapped up my eating and had started eating lots of whole grains and high-carb fruits and veggies. That was literally the week I had to stop working out because I had so much swelling in my knee. The Daniel fast has never affected me that way before so I had not made the connection.


When I realized the connection, I changed my diet more keto/paleo. I cut the high carb foods and sugars and the swelling completely went down in my knee. In fact, I’ve had no pain in my knee or hips. I can jump again! This is absolutely nuts to me.

This alone has made me rethink what we are eating as a family and not only how it is affecting our hormones and attitudes but also how it is affecting our special needs kids whose bodies don’t need any extra hurdles to overcome- hurdles that I’m feeding them mindlessly.

With all that being said, we are doing something pretty radical as a family and having what we are calling a chemical-free summer. We aren’t eating boxed foods. We are cutting the sugar. We are cutting the boxed junk. We are making treats that are healthy and adjusting to life without grains and junk. We have already swapped over all of our household cleaners, laundry detergent and skin products- but we will be rolling a good many more things out to the curb before June 1.

I’m counting this a mama scientific experiment of sorts. I have enough reedlings here in my house to really measure how things change for us all. I’m pumped about it. The kids? Not so much. I’m excited to find some recipes that are good for everyone and that everyone enjoys! I’ll be sharing the journey here with you guys and via instagram @calleyreed and on YouTube: if you’d like to follow along. 🙂

There will be lots of fun coming over on youtube soon! I’d be most obliged if you’d subscribe there! Thanks again for stopping in here, friends. <3