Change of Plans

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At the end of last week we got a little disappointing news. We can’t do a video chat with Chapel after all. It is the decision of each individual orphanage as to whether they allow a video chat, and while Chapel’s orphanage might allow it sometimes they replied that they thought it would scare her and did not think it was best.¬†They said that they had been showing her our photo book, though.

From my best guesses and the description given to us by the caregivers at the orphanage, Chapel is very timid and shy. When a serve team went to her orphanage she only wanted her caregiver and did not want anyone else to touch her or hold her.

All of this helps me to know better how to pray. I’m praying for Chapel’s little heart to be prepared by God for all of the changes ahead for her. The adoption process in Ch*na is quite different from in Peru. Chapel will immediately be placed with me when I meet her. In Peru, you spend one week visiting before the child is placed in your custody. I know this will be a very difficult and abrupt change for Chapel.

We are choosing to trust in the middle of the unknown right now. We got the news this evening that our i800 was mailed to CIS today! We have much ahead and we don’t know how all the details are going to work out- but we are confident that God has called us and will be faithful to make our steps plain. In around 8-ish weeks, I will meet our new daughter!!