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    Our Christmas gatherings and celebrations began last week! We kicked it all off with an end of semester Christmas Party at our house, with our homeschool co-op.         Then we had a great time with Grandmother, … Continued

A Virtuous Wife…

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When I was in the eleventh grade, I first came upon the chapter in Proverbs commonly called “The Virtuous and Capable Wife.” Proverbs 31 is known as the banner for what a strong, wise, and godly woman exemplifies. It became … Continued

A Collage of Updates…

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Two weeks ago we received questions from Peru regarding our dossier. Overall, none of them were a very big deal at all. There were so many questions that could’ve been asked of a family like ours with already having 5 … Continued

Dossier Review Complete

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Yesterday evening we finally heard from Peru about the review of our dossier. They sent a short email with about five or six questions for our social worker and psychologist to answer. None of it was a very big deal, … Continued


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It has been approximately 10 weeks since our dossier was brought to the adoption authorities in Peru, based on the information we’ve been given we are pretty sure that’s accurate within a week or so. When our dossier was given … Continued

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