Sweet Summer Days

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These photos capture pretty well what I am loving about summer, so far. Pool fun with family and friends Being exhausted after swimming like a mermaid all day long… Sitting on the front porch swing with my little buddy and … Continued


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This was slated to go out on Monday and I never had the chance to finish it. This week, we got a little delay in our process. God knew exactly what was coming. He gave some encouragement right before it … Continued

Family Karaoke Night!!

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We love having planned, special family nights. We enjoy movie nights, game nights…you know, the typical family fun stuff. But I also enjoy planning some family fun that is a little different every now and then. We’ve done the themed … Continued

The Handmaid and The New Year

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About those Christmas morning pictures, uh, well- something that feels a lot like the flu sabatoged my New Year’s Eve and I’ve been doing a lot of laying! I’ll get those up ASAP, Mom! 😉 Even with the yuckiness swimming … Continued

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