The Last Night

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  Tonight is the last night. The last night Carlos and Yamilet sleep at the orphanage and the last night we sleep as a family of seven. There are such big changes coming for all of us   Today we … Continued

Such Joy

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What a great day! This morning Danny was able to make a run to the market with our “neighbor” and get some groceries for breakfast. The fruit and juice is so yummy here, by the way! He came back and … Continued

In One Day

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Yesterday evening we made the decision to move from the hostel we stayed at the first night (we rented a large room that had beds for us all) to a place we stayed last summer when we came to Peru. … Continued

Getting Here

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Yesterday, Salem officially started acting two. Overall, tantrums have been slight and he’s a pretty happy camper. But a couple of days with very little sleep and rushing about brought it out of him. Ha! He mostly wants to get down … Continued

Promise Keeper

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  Our drive to Austin yesterday was pretty uneventful. We didn’t really get on the road until about 2pm so we arrived after midnight. Needless to say, most of the Reedlings were out in the Reed Rocket by the time we … Continued

He’s Got This

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  I adore the way God goes out of his way to show His love in little and big ways. About three weeks ago, I was thinking through some things to entertain the kids and I added neat little Melissa and … Continued

Lessons in the Garden

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A few weeks ago our garden was in a pitiful state. The weeds had completely taken over and almost looked like it was beyond repair. Life had gotten busy and we didn’t invest in a tiller this year, so weeding … Continued

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