So Many Things

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There have been some big changes on our homefront over the last few weeks. Really, really big for us. This week our 5 oldest Reedlings enrolled in school. This decision came after much prayer and contemplation on how to best … Continued

Much to Be Thankful For

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The last couple of weeks have seriously been a blur. A good blur, though! I haven’t had many moments to stop and reflect or write, hence the few posts I’ve worked on! But life is good and I’m grateful for … Continued

Lots of Firsts

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We are having lots of firsts around our house these days. One of those things is Yamilet is beginning ballet and Camila is starting gymnastics!! They are both so excited! Camila is also going to school for a short time … Continued

Weekend and Weekday Warriors

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If I’m honest, life has been exhausting lately. There are lots of good things going on in our church and adoption process (we expect our dossier to be on the way to Ch*na THIS WEEK!) and in our family. The … Continued

Work Hard and Play Hard

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I really feel as though summer snuck up on me. Is it already pushing mid-June?!  I’ve honestly been pretty out of sorts from my normal routine and life since we moved in February. For a large part of that time … Continued

Maybe I Can Help.

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She buried her head into my shoulder and wept until her body shook. Steady tears slid down her cheeks and landed on my arm and fell to the ground. My friend was broken and hurting. She was hurting because the … Continued

Six Flags Weekend

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Back at Christmas time, my mom and stepdad treated our family to season passes to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor as a gift for Christmas! You can get an excellent deal on season passes right before the holidays, cheaper than … Continued

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