Needed Contrast

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A few days ago the kids and I stopped by Hobby Lobby on our trip out of town. I love looking around at all of the home decor, especially the artwork, clocks and unique metal pieces. I enjoy home design … Continued

Confident Hope

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Several months back Isaac expressed to us that he wanted to play football. Our summer kind’ve got flushed down the toilet of emergant needs and there just wasn’t a lot of extra wiggle room for anything above coping. I hated … Continued

A Family Update

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It’s taken me months to write this post. Months. Those close to us know that we have been facing a storm in our family unlike any struggle we’ve ever faced and it unfolded at the beginning of July. I cannot … Continued

The Birth of Cedar Harrell

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As typical with me and with pregnancy, my due date came and went without any super promising signs of labor. After May 9th passed, I had a couple of nights of steady contractions that I was sure would turn into … Continued

The Trouble with Due Dates

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Laughing seems to really help right now, as we wait on baby Reed to decide it’s time to show up. In fact, that seems to be the one remedy that gets my brain off of the obvious and back to … Continued

40 Weeks and A Couple of Days…

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Here we are. Camping out. Waiting on baby to show. Apparently, today I am 40 weeks and a couple of days pregnant. The last month or more has involved some serious work around our house. We have been in the … Continued

Make Way for Baby

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I’m feeling like we are in the final countdown. I’m seeing my mind shifting a whole lot more toward mentally prepping for birth, breastfeeding and the early days with a newborn, and I’m thrilled for that. Whether it be life … Continued

Thankful For the Medi-Van

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You guys remember the Reed Rocket? Our sweet baby of a van…the old 95′ Dodge, retired church van that we painted like a a VW van that hauled our crew everywhere? Well as you may know, the transmission went out … Continued

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