How Long?

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Back sometime at the end of February, we were asked if we would like to adopt two children, ages 10 and 11, a brother and sister. We prayed, we waited, and we said yes. We were told that we probably … Continued

Just Like That!

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Yesterday evening I was preoccupied for the first time in several weeks. I’d made a grocery run earlier in the afternoon and I had come home with some paint to conquer the kitchen…which has been screaming for a paint job … Continued


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This was slated to go out on Monday and I never had the chance to finish it. This week, we got a little delay in our process. God knew exactly what was coming. He gave some encouragement right before it … Continued

Looking Ahead

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Right now, we are waiting to hear back from Peru in response to our answers to their questions about our dossier. I asked our agency yesterday how long it typically takes to hear back, and I was told it’s usually … Continued

Christmas Morning

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Sleepy headed Camila, came in and rested on the couch. Salem saw his wagon right off, and after that he insisted on sitting in it for most of the morning. The three oldest Reedlings, getting toasty by the fire. Tractor! In … Continued

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