Because You Ask Not

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Do you ever get so busy with life and taking care of others or simply completing what’s required of you each day, that you don’t stop and recognize that you’re personally just getting by? After a few rough weeks, I … Continued

Glory for Trouble

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Sometimes we have challenges. Sometimes we have troubles. Sometimes things don’t turn out like we’d hoped. Sometimes we keep hanging onto hope that something will change, and we wonder why it’s taking so long. A few weeks ago, as I … Continued

The God Who Provides!

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I cannot express how excited I am! Wow! It’s a crazy thought that God would call His people to do things, yet not provide for them to do those things. Yet, that’s often how we view God, sadly. We may … Continued

Worship on Display

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Psalm 34:1 says: I will praise The Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises. I love this scripture because it leaves me no wiggle room. It’s a declaration that, regardless of what happens today, I will continually … Continued

In 2014…

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I’m a huge goal setter, so it’s no surprise that I get pumped up about setting a new set of things I’d like to work towards in the new year. I’ve got a list of about ten things I really … Continued

Straining a Gnat for Christmas dinner

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“Get in the car!! We’re late for the Christmas program! Why?! BECAUSE NOBODY LISTENS TO ME!” “No!! We can’t decorate the tree like that! That’s like 20 ornaments in one spot! Come on, people!!” “Ok! Get the house spotless! Grandma’s … Continued

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