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Today we received some very exciting news! We are officially LID! That is: logged in dossier!  Exactly one week from when our dossier was mailed, our paperwork is logged in and in the process of being sent to the appropriate … Continued

Forever Faithful

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I came across this little slip of paper about a week ago. It was pretty crazy timing. I wrote this scripture on this piece of paper at the very beginning of our first adoption process some 6 1/2 years ago. … Continued

On This Day Last Year

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On this day last year we traveled from Lima, Peru to Arequipa, Peru to meet our new son and daughter for the very first time. I can still feel the rush of emotions as we prepared for Carlos and Yamilet … Continued

Thinking of You

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I’m thinking of you more each day, little Chapel. Wondering how you are. My mind races to the orphanage with rows and rows of cribs with you there caught in the midst of it. I’m sure you’re used to the … Continued

A Slight Miscommunication

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Apparently there was a slight miscommunication when I emailed our officer on Friday to ask if our fingerprints had cleared, because she emailed me back and said they had not! I emailed again this morning and she said our approval … Continued

Just Kidding!

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When I talked to our CIS officer over a week ago she said that she’d already reviewed our home study and as soon as she received our fingerprints she could approve our i800a!! Woohoo! So we had our fingerprints done … Continued

Picking My Jaw Up

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I’m picking my jaw up off the floor.  I’m in utter shock. It’s only been around three weeks since we sent our i800a application to CIS.  We received our fingerprint appointment on Saturday and it was only a little over … Continued

Know What This Is?

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Want to know what this is? This is me, WORKING ON OUR DOSSIER for Ch*na!! I am so excited to be finally working on this step! And I have to say, the requirements for the dossier for Ch*na are a … Continued

Hallelujah! Here We Go!

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I must stop our present beach camping trip doings to make a little announcement! We finally got the long awaited news! As of today, our home study and i800a are officially ON THE WAY to CIS! I seriously couldn’t be … Continued

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