Camping in Montana

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We were pretty disappointed when we couldn’t get a camping spot inside of Glacier. However we went outside of the park and checked with some rangers about the National Forest outside of Glacier. They told us about a “honey-hole” in the National Forest. And listen, that’s exactly what it was. And freeee! Of course, it was primitive camping, which we happen to enjoy! One friend we made who lives in Montana told us, “If you like it here, do us a favor and don’t tell anyone where it is.” haha! So I guess I will honor his request and do just that. 😉 But we were the only campers in this amazing mountain spot and had the lake to ourselves for a lot of the time- other than when some kayakers came a few times. It would such an amazing spot. It was grizzly bear territory, so that did leave a bit of alertness in the air…especially with signs of bears around the campsite. But we never saw a bear- and our crew is pretty loud, so that probably helped. Camping in this spot was probably my fave part of the trip.

I was able to wake up in the morning and sit by the lake drinking my coffee while watching eagles. I worked hard to get some good pics but it was challenging to get clear images.

The eagle was diving for a cork!

more to come…