By His Grace, Iquitos Bound!

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This summer, Danny and I, along with our one year old, Salem, will be traveling to one of our favorite places in the world. We are headed to Iquitos, Peru with a team from our church, and some other friends from different parts of the US. I spent many months going round and round about whether I should go or not. I spent lots of time wondering if it was important for me to take this trip since we are right in the middle of the throws of adoption and fundraising and all that goes along with that.

Thing is, we planned this trip over a year ago, wanting to share with so many of our church friends and family the love we found for the people of Peru, while we were there in our first adoption process. When we planned the trip, we had not started our second adoption process yet. We prayed long and hard about how we could make the trip happen, seeing that we have five little youngsters and would be bringing a nursing baby. Not to mention the financial need.  We prayed and both came to the same resolve…that we believed it was a go. God has provided for me to take the trip, through group rates and sewing and making and selling, (which is miraculous!), along with Danny. I’m amazed. Little Salem Matias will also get to experience his first trip to Peru, outside of utero that is. He did tag along utero-side, completely unknown to us, towards the end of our first trip to Peru. 8)

We will be working on the streets of Belen, a slum area on the water where there are many street children and there is much abandonment. We will have the opportunity to leave Salem on the mission base with some friends, while we go out and minister, through relationships, to prostitutes and addicts alike. My hurt burns with excitement for this trip. Another huge thing for me, is that my best friend since 5th grade,  Amber, who is in the Peruvian adoption process, is also taking this trip! Also, my friend Paige is going! She’s also a fellow Peruvian adoptive mom who has been a huge encouragement to me for years now. I’ve actually never met her in person, yet I feel like I know her so well. She was such a rock to me during our first adoption process and continues to root us on. There’s so much to be thankful for.

We are also praying for the opportunity to meet our son and daughter to be, while we are on this trip. This is huge. We will be near them at the end of the trip. But the thing is, we thought that we’d be much further along in our adoption process than we are. We are still waiting on a finalized home-study update. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I’m praying hourly for God to part seas and move mountains and bring home my son and daughter, now 9 and 13. Time is important. And it makes me melt to think I may be right across town from them, yet not be able to hug them and tell them we are doing all we can to get to them as fast as we can. But without certain approvals, we would not be able to let our kids know we are coming to adopt them soon. There’s talk of the possibility of being able to go to their orphanage as a group, yet not revealing who we are. I’m wondering if I’d be able to hold it together or not. I might cry like a crazy lady and then they’d be scared. #emotionalmamaproblems

I’m really rambling in this post, but there’s so much going on in my head…lots of ideas and thoughts swimming around- the trivial and the enormous all smashing into each other, as I sort through and learn to be patient as God does what only he can do. In me. In our family. In our children. It’s truly only His beautiful grace at work putting this all together.

The point: I’m elated and humbled, that I will soon going to visit the beautiful country that the Lord has placed in my heart. It’s only six weeks away! I will be hearing the sounds of the city of Lima, experiencing the sweltering heat of Iquitos, riding in an adventurous moto-taxi, and mostly, loving on people the world calls unlovable. I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m going to go and stand on the foundations of the Jessica House, which means the world to me. The building of this home is so near to our hearts. Many children and women will have a place of solace here when it is completed. Women and children who currently live on the streets and have nowhere to go. This is the home that Danny and I have been advocating for and attempting to raise funds for- through the sales of my book, Take This Child, for a year now. I’m so blessed to be able to see the progress with my own eyes. Thank you, Jesus.

And now for a little more trivial rambling: any ideas on occupying a 17 month old on a 7 hr flight? Anyone?? :/