Breaking Walls

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Today we did not have anything official to take care of except for a visit from a doctor, which is the only legal thing we have to take care of during the guardianship period. Some doctors here in Peru still make house calls and so a lady at the city adoption office recommended this particular doctor because he also had adopted and does house visits.

Around lunch time he came, and was one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met. When it came time to pay him for coming and doing the exam on Carlos and Yamilet, he would not allow us to pay anything. We could not believe it! Then he went on to tell us that if we needed anything to please call him. How incredible!

We took the afternoon to go get groceries and ice cream altogether.

This evening I decided to be very upfront and sit down and try to talk through some emotional things I could see going  on with Y with the help of a translator app. She began to open up with me, and soon Carlos pulled up a chair by his own initiative and wanted in on the conversation. That’s huge! Me, Carlos, Yamilet, and Danny had a serious heart to heart. It was completely a God thing- and I know the answer to so many prayers. They both went out of their way to give us huge hugs and to tell us they love us.

That was certainly the relief I needed at the end of an emotionally trying day in a few areas. God is so good! I see walls coming down, while awkwardness slowly eases away and realness comes to the front. We are praying for more and more of this.

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