A Reedling Christmas

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I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time and share a little piece of Christmas around our old house. But due to my effort to chillax this Christmas and really focus on my family, it looks like the Christmas … Continued

Next Steps

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On Monday and Tuesday of this week Danny and I were able to take Chapel to see several specialists and get a game plan together for her. It was incredible to have so many doctors teaming up to do what … Continued

Leaps and Bounds

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  People often refer to progress with having an adopted child home as being a  three step forward, two steps back sort of dance; and we have surely seen that in all of our adoptions.  There are so many things … Continued

Journey Home and Adjusting

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I’ve been wanting to write about going and being home all week and just haven’t had the opportunity! Our flight home was not too fun, but we survived. Chapel slept about an hour and a half on the entire 26-30 … Continued

Visa System Error?

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  This morning we left our hotel and headed for the embassy for our consulate appointment. We turned in a packet of documents and had an interview. The people who work with adoptions there review the documents and then issue … Continued

Happy Appreciation

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When we first began the adoption process to adopt Chapel, while we were waiting on pre-approval, every time I would pray for Chapel the word happy would come to my mind in my prayer time. I’d pray peace and happiness … Continued


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Very late last night we arrived in Guangzhou! Chapel did so well on the flight and I was overjoyed. She did start crying with stomach issues at the very end of the flight and I felt awful for her. By … Continued

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