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…my God takes care of it all.

I just have to say, there’s nothing like following Jesus! Man, what an adventure!

This week I was driving down the road thinking to myself, “I know it’s time to order school books, but I cannot figure out where to put them when they come in!” A friend recently offered to give me a newer set of encyclopedias, along with several other sets on world culture and Native Americans! I was thrilled, and I had that same reoccurring thought!

“Where are all these wonderful resources going to fit?! We have a bookshelf full upstairs, and we use and refer to those books. I don’t want to pack those away. Where do I put our school stuff?” Suddenly, I remembered a spot at the top of the stairway where I’ve had an old table. (Just a little aside here in case any men are reading this post: This is how women sort through thoughts and problems. You think we’re having a relaxing drive, but we’re actually mentally rearranging furniture and making grocery lists and planning parties and creating budgets. It’s just how we’re wired.) No one sits there or really uses that space…(I’m getting somewhere. Hang with me.) Then it suddenly occurred to me that I should put another bookshelf in that spot.

My plan then became to keep my eyes open for a good deal on a book shelf at a thrift store. But one day later, my manly Danly (Danny- my hunky hubster) drove up from work with a trailer on the back of his truck. ON it were two HUGE bookshelves. I’d never mentioned the need for bookshelves to anyone, including him. Only God knew my thoughts.  Wow! Danny found them on the side of the road, which is no surprise since lots of our home’s treasures like an antique dresser, a walnut mantle, a vintage metal kitchen cabinet…I could go on for days, all came from the side of the road. But without ever expressing what I knew we’d soon be needing, it arrived a day later! With some help, Danny had to alter the bookshelf slightly to get it to go upstairs. But I have a spot for tons of books. It works perfectly!

Some people might say that was coincidence. I beg to differ. This happens routinely in my walk with Jesus. He sees my needs and he supplies over and over and over again.

Two days ago, a nameless person (who will forever remain nameless) stopped by my house and did something shocking. They handed Danny and I $5000 to put towards bringing home Ellie and Micheal. Talk about speechless, humbled, and utterly in awe! What is the appropriate response when a person hands you $5000?! That really happened. I’m not living in a dream world! Someone dropped $5000 in my lap because they desired to be a part of bringing two kids home and into their forever family.


Listen y’all, my God owns cattle on a thousand hills and he will take care of every. single. thing that he calls you and I to do.

Homeschooling my children has been difficult. It’s a ton of fun too, but it’s also a lot of hard work. I’ve doubted my ability many times and wondered if I was capable of keeping it up as our family has grown. However, I cannot deny that it is what I believe God has called me to do right now. I know I would be walking away from something God himself has purposed me to do, if I went another direction at this point in my life. (I’m not knocking anyone who chooses a different path! I’m speaking for my personal calling and path at this point in my life.) And when God sends the provision for curriculum, which isn’t usually cheap when you’re schooling four children (that’s another story!), and a book shelf to boot…it’s a gentle whisper to my heart. “I’ve got this, my child. Stop depending on your resources. What I’ve called you to do won’t be possible if you operate out of them. I’m going to take care of it all.”

I heard the same gentle whisper as God turned our need down $5000 in one day.He provides despite all odds to bring impossible things about. When God began leading us to adopt again, we had no money to pay for the process. None.  We obviously trusted we could provide for more children, or we wouldn’t be trying to adopt two more children. But let’s be real, very few people have $30,000 sitting in the bank waiting for a rainy day. So when we said yes to adoption again, we were beginning with nothing again, too. But the Father isn’t stalled, surprised, or scared by my savings account. He takes delight in showing the world His love and splendor in any willing vessels. He’ll do the same for anyone willing to trust Him. This last $13,000ish…I believe He has that under control, too.

To say God would call His people to do things and then not provide for those things is foolish. He is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Walking by faith is challenging and stretching and so many other large adjectives I cannot think of at the moment. I often forget who God is and what He has in His hands. Everything. The hairs on my very head are numbered by Him. How dare I doubt His love, provision, and His power.

Because whether the need is big or small, my God takes care of them all.

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  1. $5K?! Wow! God is so good! 🙂 For some reason, finding the book shelves on the roadside impresses me just as much, though. I always feel His love so deeply when I see his concern/provision in the smallest of details. 🙂