Bidding Farewell

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We spent the good part of the day chasing papers yesterday, so Danny could have everything he needed to leave Peru with five of our kids, and Leelee. All of yesterday’s efforts paid off and he booked flights for all of them for tonight.

Tonight Danny, Josiah, Isaac, Amaus, Camila, Salem, and Leslie will head back home after almost four weeks in Peru. Carlos, Yamilet, and I will be here for another week or possibly two. We are really praying that the rest of us will be able to go home soon. We’ve applied for ID cards and so now we wait to see how long it will take to receive them. In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on knowing that I have friends here that I can see and other days can be filled with chasing papers. Surely this will go by quickly.

You know you’ve been feeling a little upset about your crew leaving, when after a little reassessment of your eating, you discover that in one day you ate your weight in bread. Oy. I know all of this is part of it- so I’m praying God gives me strength and patience as I wait here for the necessary papers to go back home to Louisiana.

Besides some major packing and rearranging, I hope I can spend my day loving on my people. I’m really going to miss them.