Back to the Basics

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I was sixteen. Passionate about life and newly passionate about my walk with Jesus. I’d never been so full or so satisfied. I had always said that God was alive. I’d said the whole “Jesus thing” was real. I had thought I believed it, but the way I’d lived my life up to that point proved otherwise. Real belief meant real change. I finally understood that. When Jesus swept over me in my broken state and gave me new life, it was so incredible. I knew I could never go back to who I’d been before.

I was starving for God’s Word. I was ravenous for His presence. I longed to know Jesus more every day. When I read that the sick should be prayed for and anointed with oil in the book of James, I poured some olive oil in a small bottle and carried it in my backpack to school. When  a girl came into the bathroom saying she had a headache, I broke out my bottle of oil and laid hands on the girl and prayed for her. She was only slightly scared. 😉

No one gave me any guidelines. No one was there to harness my zeal or tell me that I shouldn’t be so “outspoken” or out there with my faith. I was just a girl on a mission to show the world Jesus. I wanted others to have the same joy that God had given me!

Early in the mornings before school I loved to spend time in God’s Word. My step mom was a teacher and sometimes she needed to get to the High School where she taught, and I attended, pretty early in the morning. Since my third clunker had bit the dust, I’d have to leave early with her. On those mornings I’d drop her off at the High School and drive the red family bronco (tee-hee-tis true) to a nearby lake. I’d park as the sun was rising up in the sky. I’d sit on the hood with my bible and just soak in the refreshing flood of the presence of the Lord. I just couldn’t get over my dependency on Jesus, and the knowledge that without him I’d be lost and empty.

Funny thing, but our family just moved to the same small area where my high school and that lake is. (You can read about our recent move at my retired blog: I live about five minutes from that same spot where I used to park early in the morning and declare my praise to the Savior. About a month ago, I left our old house and the kids with Danny, and I went for a run. I turned down a country road with open fields on either side, and just went. As I ran, I thought about all of the new things we know God is directing our family to do. I thought about the weight of the responsibilities and all the huge hurdles in front of us, yet our belief that God is prompting us to move forward.

Then I remembered that sixteen year old girl parked in an old red bronco just five miles away from the very road I was running on as a now, thirty year old woman. I remembered the child-like faith of how she’d take God at His word, rather than stopping to check the supply room first. No, she didn’t need to ensure she had everything under control, all supplies on hand, all comforts at the finger-tips, before believing God. That girl just believed. It was long before time and so called “wisdom” had stepped in to rain on her parade of assurance. Way back when she was too naive to understand that God no longer spoke to His children as He clearly did in His Word (insert sarcasm). That girl just took it and ran.

That evening run refreshed me. Why? Because I knew that God was beckoning me to return to that place of unquestionable belief. Somehow I knew that that was what would be required of me to see these huge things, things that are so outside of us, come to pass.

Sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics. It’s time to return to simple, child-like faith, step up to the impossible calling or task the Lord is directing to, take a deep breath…and believe. God will do it. If you are called to it, HE will do it. He is faithful, and all of His promises are backed by the honor of His name.

A good bit of refreshing can come from remembering how we started this race, and the beautiful basics of just taking the Lord at His word; just like a child so easily does.


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  1. Love it! So true. 🙂

  2. Four important words: HAVE FAITH IN GOD!