Back to the Basics

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How is it mid-January? Me-oh-my! It feels like January just started. Over the last month I’ve been putting a whole lot of thought and prayer into what my goals are for this upcoming year. I’m a very goals-oriented person so it’s easy for me to sit down and figure out what I’d like to see in 2019. There are a good many things on that list, like intentional time with Danny, setting clearer boundaries in my business life and family life, getting in shape, growing in financial wisdom, being okay with things being in-process and unfinished, and then there’s the much deeper things that God has written on my heart that I’m praying for breakthrough in. But over the last couple of weeks I feel like I’ve gotten a good bit of clarity about how I am called to sum it all up.

Seek first the kingdom.

In my day in day out doings, it’s time to get my focus back on why I am doing so many things that I’m doing- the heart behind how I’ve ended up where I am today, reviving and refreshing myself in the promises God himself has written on my destiny…as a wife, as a mama to a tribe of incredible kids, as a worshipper and a proclaimer; the true heart behind why I live and breathe. This is what I know in my head every day but it’s time to feel it burning in my spirit and in my very bones once again.

There are so many things it takes to keep this train going here in the Reed casa. But amazingly, God knows all the needs and has never ever left us hanging yet. When I look over the last six months, it’s downright jaw-dropping the amount of needs we have faced and the ways that God has shown up over and over again.

In 2019, I believe it’s time to get back to the basics for me. Back to a lot of the things that make me who I am and the kind of work that brings my heart joy. Writing. Writing music. Growing vegetables. Sewing. Hiking. Camping. Playing pretend with my children. My passion for “natural living.” Playing games with my family. Rebuilding some family friendships that have grown distant through some hard times… But mostly seeking the face of Jesus like never before.

God changed me in 2018. I’ve never been more sure of how desperately I need Jesus for every single thing. Everything I’d like to do and everything I’d like to try and everything I know in my soul is ahead…it’s only Jesus.