Chapel Update

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Yesterday we finally were able to attend the long awaited cochlear implant appointment. Danny wasn’t able to ride up for the appointment  as planned, but my awesome Deddy rode along with me for the appointments which I am so grateful … Continued

I Want To Be Like Woogie.

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My life has changed a lot in the last six months. A whole, whole lot. Prior to the last six months, the previous ten years of my life had been spent homeschooling my kids full time. As many of you … Continued

Easing Into Spring

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I’m not doing so swell with these weekly blog posts as of lately. Life has been a little busy. Everything is going well- I just don’t have a lot of minutes to stop and reflect and then write. I’m working … Continued

Chapel’s CAT Scan

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Last week was pretty rough for our little love muffin. I think the visits and tests had her all out of whack and then she got sick again and ran fever all week. It was tough for her. Thankfully she … Continued

God Has a Plan- Chapel Update

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While we were walking through the adoption process to bring Chapel home, I purchased a shirt from a ministry called Orphan’s Hands. The front of it says in signs, “If you were born, God has a plan.”  I’m wearing it … Continued

Forward and Backward

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It’s a common saying that with adopted children and the days, months and years that follow- there is often a two steps forward and one step back kind of progress. It’s so true. There are months of leaps forward and … Continued

A Beautiful Unfolding

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There are so many good things going on in the Reed house right now. Some really great things. To be honest, there has been some hard sowing for quite a few months and we are seeing the beginnings of harvest … Continued

The Progression of the Boy Man

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It’s something very curious to watch your little boys grow into young men. I must say, the transition seems to begin slowly and then before you realize it the tiny hand that used to insist on clamping tightly to yours … Continued

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