I Want To Be Like Woogie.

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My life has changed a lot in the last six months. A whole, whole lot. Prior to the last six months, the previous ten years of my life had been spent homeschooling my kids full time. As many of you … Continued

Easing Into Spring

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I’m not doing so swell with these weekly blog posts as of lately. Life has been a little busy. Everything is going well- I just don’t have a lot of minutes to stop and reflect and then write. I’m working … Continued

Chapel’s CAT Scan

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Last week was pretty rough for our little love muffin. I think the visits and tests had her all out of whack and then she got sick again and ran fever all week. It was tough for her. Thankfully she … Continued

God Has a Plan- Chapel Update

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While we were walking through the adoption process to bring Chapel home, I purchased a shirt from a ministry called Orphan’s Hands. The front of it says in signs, “If you were born, God has a plan.”  I’m wearing it … Continued

Forward and Backward

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It’s a common saying that with adopted children and the days, months and years that follow- there is often a two steps forward and one step back kind of progress. It’s so true. There are months of leaps forward and … Continued

A Beautiful Unfolding

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There are so many good things going on in the Reed house right now. Some really great things. To be honest, there has been some hard sowing for quite a few months and we are seeing the beginnings of harvest … Continued

The Progression of the Boy Man

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It’s something very curious to watch your little boys grow into young men. I must say, the transition seems to begin slowly and then before you realize it the tiny hand that used to insist on clamping tightly to yours … Continued

A Reedling Christmas

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I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time and share a little piece of Christmas around our old house. But due to my effort to chillax this Christmas and really focus on my family, it looks like the Christmas … Continued

Next Steps

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On Monday and Tuesday of this week Danny and I were able to take Chapel to see several specialists and get a game plan together for her. It was incredible to have so many doctors teaming up to do what … Continued

Leaps and Bounds

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  People often refer to progress with having an adopted child home as being a  three step forward, two steps back sort of dance; and we have surely seen that in all of our adoptions.  There are so many things … Continued

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