Enjoy December!

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After this week, our family will be taking a few weeks off of our normal schooling routine to just enjoy. Enjoy food. Enjoy games. Enjoy Christmas crafts. Enjoy serving others. Just enjoy. Our weeks somehow worked out where we will still be … Continued

Co-op Christmas Celebration

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We’ve had a great semester in homeschool co-op! My favorite so far. I taught a drama class and came home laughing every Friday evening! We had a ball. So this last Friday we invited our fellow co-opers out to our … Continued

Southern Chocolate Gravy

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Nothing got me more more excited as a child than for my mom to say, “We’re having chocolate gravy tonight!” My brother and I would do a happy dance. It’s that good. Now if you’ve never heard of chocolate gravy, … Continued

Hands-on Fun!

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It seems that all of my kids have been very hands-on learners. That’s one of the reasons why My Father’s Word (www.mfwbooks.com) curriculum has worked so well for our family. All of our kids of reading age have learned to … Continued

Back to the Basics

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I was sixteen. Passionate about life and newly passionate about my walk with Jesus. I’d never been so full or so satisfied. I had always said that God was alive. I’d said the whole “Jesus thing” was real. I had … Continued

Adoption! Again!

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  Almost as as soon as we had returned from Peru completing our first adoption process of our daughter Camila, we believed we’d be adopting again. It’s just something God placed in us. I’m not sure how else to put … Continued

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