Straining a Gnat for Christmas dinner

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“Get in the car!! We’re late for the Christmas program! Why?! BECAUSE NOBODY LISTENS TO ME!” “No!! We can’t decorate the tree like that! That’s like 20 ornaments in one spot! Come on, people!!” “Ok! Get the house spotless! Grandma’s … Continued

Adoption- Where We’re At

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A few weeks ago our social worker came for a required visit in order to update our homestudy so that we can begin our second adoption process. While it’s only been a few years ago when we were beginning this … Continued

Sweet Rest for my Soul

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Rest. What is rest? -The refreshing quiet or repose of sleep. -Refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor. -Relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs. I must admit that I have trouble resting. It’s difficult for … Continued

A New Lease on Life

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There’s nothing like getting really sick to give you a whole new lease on life. What a week it’s been so far! Monday began with plans of beginning a normal week of schooling, but a terrible stomach virus struck and … Continued

Enjoy December!

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After this week, our family will be taking a few weeks off of our normal schooling routine to just enjoy. Enjoy food. Enjoy games. Enjoy Christmas crafts. Enjoy serving others. Just enjoy. Our weeks somehow worked out where we will still be … Continued

Co-op Christmas Celebration

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We’ve had a great semester in homeschool co-op! My favorite so far. I taught a drama class and came home laughing every Friday evening! We had a ball. So this last Friday we invited our fellow co-opers out to our … Continued

Southern Chocolate Gravy

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Nothing got me more more excited as a child than for my mom to say, “We’re having chocolate gravy tonight!” My brother and I would do a happy dance. It’s that good. Now if you’ve never heard of chocolate gravy, … Continued

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