Glory for Trouble

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Sometimes we have challenges. Sometimes we have troubles. Sometimes things don’t turn out like we’d hoped. Sometimes we keep hanging onto hope that something will change, and we wonder why it’s taking so long. A few weeks ago, as I … Continued

Great News in Adoption

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We’ve been waiting for our home study to be reviewed and corrected so we can move on to the next phase of this adoption process! Great news!! It’s been reviewed, there are a few minor corrections to be made, and … Continued

We Have a Reader!

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My techniques and ideas surrounding homeschooling have changed significantly over the years. I began as a little too enthusiastic, and was determined to have a fluent four year old reader. That came back to get me, and I quickly realized … Continued

Saying Goodbye

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For around five years, my dad and step mom have been praying fervently about the possibility of moving to South America. They have felt for years that this was something God was directing them to do in the future. There … Continued

The God Who Provides!

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I cannot express how excited I am! Wow! It’s a crazy thought that God would call His people to do things, yet not provide for them to do those things. Yet, that’s often how we view God, sadly. We may … Continued

January Birthday Boys

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Our Isaac celebrated his 8th birthday on January 13! He is growing into such a kind hearted young man! He lives to make his baby brother and little sister laugh! He’s always helping with them. He also seems to enjoy … Continued

Christmas Morning!

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      Another attempt at a photo of all the kids… “Hmmm…ok, on from photos then, kids.”     We had a great Christmas season!

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