A Matter of Perspective

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Only a couple of weeks ago my mom came down from Arkansas for a visit and we made the spontaneous decision to go out of town to take the kids, along with a cousin to see a Christmas movie. My … Continued

A Cochlear Implant for Christmas

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The last few months have left us in a bit of limbo as we have been waiting anxiously for the handful of surgeons who will be participating in Chapel’s surgery to be able to coordinate a date to come together … Continued

Coming Soon

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Yesterday we had what probably was our final appointment before we move forward with surgery for a cochlear implant. We had a very informative meeting with the surgeon who will perform the surgery. It is quite the team who will … Continued

A Re-routable Life

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Yes, I think I made that word up. Re-routable; a life that’s open to having its course changed at any given point. A life that isn’t striving to control but rather stay surrendered to whatever Jesus desires. Our family changed … Continued

I Survived Strep-maggeden 2017

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Me-oh-my! September is almost over and I still haven’t even finished blogging about our July vacation. haha! All I can do is laugh about things like this these days, things I probably used to guilt myself about. Life has been … Continued

The Big Hike

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Sigh…medical appointments and the school year have totally taken the cake and I haven’t had the opportunity to finish blogging about our amazing vacation out west!   one of my most favorite parts of our vacation was a challenging (for … Continued

Cochlear Implant Update

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This morning we finally got to go and see the specialist who the ENT we have been seeing referred us to. Because of Chapel’s tricky anatomy we were referred out to a doctor who actually writes medical volumes on cases … Continued

Metamorphosis- A True Awakening

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Our Chapel is really coming alive. There’s no other terms to describe the shift in her personality than a metamorphosis or awakening. I seriously cannot believe how far our girl has come in nearly nine months. When I think about … Continued

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