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A few weeks ago our social worker came for a required visit in order to update our homestudy so that we can begin our second adoption process. While it’s only been a few years ago when we were beginning this long list of to-dos…we had already forgotten most of them in the business of living. But here we are once again, checking off letters of recommendation, mailing off finger print cards, visiting doctors- the whole kit and kaboodle. Here we are praying and trusting, working and resting, as we trust God for the estimated $35,000 that will be required for us to walk this road again. Yes, it’s huge. No, we have no idea where it will come from yet. I’m doing everything I know to do, and I’m learning to rest and trust God to bring the increase. I’m one person, and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Why so much money? Well Peruvian adoption costs about $28,000-$30,000. But when you’re looking at flying an already, family of seven to and from Peru, (assuming that we will be able to complete this process before Salem is three), and actually living in Peru for 3-5 weeks, then the thousands stack up pretty quickly.

Where does all of this money go? Well basically there are hundreds of pieces of this pie called adoption. This pie is made up of government and state, and international requirements. All of these requirements cost a few hundred dollars here- a few thousand there. Travel, the last chunk of thousands, finishes out the pie. It all adds up. Fast. But it’s all worth it, every slice. Most people don’t bat an eye at spending similar amounts of money on vehicles and significantly more on houses, etc. This is redeeming life. It is miraculous. It is difficult. It is worth it all. To put things into perspective, domestic adoption in the US is about $30,000 without travel. It is expensive.

And while the questions arise from some. Questions like, “If a person cannot afford to adopt, why are they attempting to adopt?” That is a loaded question of sorts. Many, many people believe they can afford to provide a home to more children, but they may not necessarily have $35,000 sitting in the bank waiting on a rainy day. I have found that many people don’t have a problem with fundraising efforts for ski trips and science camps and 4-h…But how dare a person attempt to fundraise to give a child a family forever?! Absurd.

So while we pray for wisdom and wait on the completion of our homestudy update, we also pray for the next few thousand dollars that are required right around the corner. We’re not too proud to get our knees dirty and our backs tired to bring children home. We are hoping for a good pecan harvest on our property. Our children are so excited and praying and joining us in our efforts! We are picking up pecans, gathering items for a garage sale. I’m making items to sell in any spare time. Danny is picking up scrap iron to sell.

Our family is seeking approval to adopt up to two children. About a month and a half ago, I really became burdened that God might be leading us into unknown territory once again, in this second adoption process. We had so many preconceived ideas when we began our first adoption process. We thought we’d adopt a baby from Peru. Lol! The thought makes me laugh now. God quietly stepped in and opened our hearts to reveal to us that the child He had waiting for us wasn’t a baby. We surrendered our preconceived ideas and came home with our three year old daughter Camila. As I was praying recently God began working on my heart again. What if God wants us to adopt older children? A sibling group? Would I be willing to surrender all of my fears and let Him write this story however He desires to?

We were driving down the road when I mentioned to Danny what was going on in my heart. As in typical fashion, God was already working the same kind of things in his heart as well. Then he mentioned a friend we both have, a Peruvian adoptive mom, who had just posted about two children, ages 13 and 9, who have been waiting on a home for sometime. In fact, the older child, a girl, was her daughter’s bunkmate in Peru. Our friend’s daughter prays daily for these children, her dear friends, to find a forever family. The kids are just precious. We are in love. These children are on the waiting list in Peru and could potentially be requested before we are to the point of being able to request children. We are waiting and praying for wisdom. That, and watching the waiting list like hawks to see if these two kids are re-listed every month.

Please join us in praying for provision, for wisdom, for favor at every turn. It’s a beautiful and exciting thing when we give Jesus the pen and allow Him to write His story over our lives. We want His results. We are trusting Him to do the impossible. He is faithful.

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  1. You guys are amazing. We are praying with you. Just wondering how long these two have been on the list? Any idea? Just curious.