Adoption Fundraising, Why?

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Friday at noon we got a startling email. It was our agency explaining that the next $5700 was due before our dossier could be sent to Peru. We had miss-read something somewhere apparently, because we thought the next payment was around $3500. We were wrong. Turns out, $5700 was due, and another $5700 will be due once we are officially matched. I’m not sure where our wires got crossed on that, but that bumps our need up a mite or two. But what is a mite or thousands to the Living God, right? He can and will do all He says He will do. We had exactly the amount we needed in our adoption acount, thanks to the recent donation of $5,000 made by the person forever remaining anonomous- along with some other friends who donated $200.

So, our adoption needs jumped up over night. The amazing softball tournament lowered our need by $2500. The online auction put together for our family recently by Hannah Duff at Hello Grace Blog, raised about $1,000. We are so thankful for these helps! Speechless, actually. From my best estimates, we have about $14,200 to go.

As of right now, we are still waiting to hear back about one adoption grant that could range from $3000- $7000 through Show Hope. They are reviewing our papers now and we hope to hear back in the next couple of weeks. We applied for a grant with Gift of Adoption but were notified that we will not be receiving one.

So here’s what’s in the making.

1) We have a garage sale planned for September 7th. We are praying we can make $2,000. We’ve come close to that before.

2) We are praying on attempting the largest chicken dinner sale we’ve had to-date. It would be miraculous- but we are considering rallying up some large area businesses and attempting a 1000 plate chicken dinner sale. We would have pick up locations because it would be impossible to deliver that many dinners. 1000 plates would profit about $3000.

3) I am devoting the remainder of my “free time” (I use the term very loosely- haha!) to making goodies for an early fall/winter open house for the business I share with my friend Denae. I am hoping it will be possible to make tons of goodies for a sale at the end of September.

See, we put our hands to the plow and trust God to bring the increase. He is faithful. Adoption is expensive (our process will end up costing around $33,000-$35,000), but the lives of children are worth it. Many people say that they could never afford adoption and they drive around a $35,000 vehicle. Nothing wrong with that! It just puts into perspective the potential value we often place on things in comparison with redeeming lives. I mean no offense at all, but you afford what you want to afford. Where there’s a calling- there is a way. That’s the beans of it. God makes the way! I’m also asked quite often why international and domestic adoption costs so much. I can’t speak much for domestic adoption, and I wonder why it is so expensive myself. International adoption is expensive because every little approval and requirement involves numerous different people, all having their own fees. All of those little fees add up to a lot of money. Because Peruvian adoption requres around 4-5 weeks in country, we will not leave our children at home for that amount of time. They have prayed with us, cried with us, fundraised with us, and believed with us that their brother and sister are coming home. They are just as woven in this process as we are. In order for our family to adopt, they’ve undergone all the same psychological evaluations, blood tests, x-rays, room changes, and LIFE changes we have. We will not leave them at home while we are gone for over a month. Every family has different abilities, needs, and works differently. But for us, we believe God wants them to come in rejoicing with us over their new siblings, just as they have gone out day after day praying and weeping over them. We will be in Peru to embrace our two new family members, as a family. Because we cannot leave our five chidren at home for that amount of time, our travel expenses cost a bit more than others who might only be traveling as a couple. God is capable of providing all we need.

I’m also frequently asked why we adopt internationally. It’s because God has called us to. We looked into fostering to adopt many years back and hit wall after wall. A few years passed by and God woke us up and sent us to Peru. You can read the whole story in my book, Take This Child (see side-bar). All of the proceeds from the book go toward building a home for women and children in Iquitos, Peru. There are children all over the world who need families. If we go where He sends us and stay where He tells us to stay- the world orphan crises will be ended. It’s that simple really. If even half of the christians in the world adopted a child, the estimated 170 million orphans would be no more. We can all play some kind of roll.

So we sit in Louisiana praying for Ellie and MIcheal and waiting on a bit of news. And while we wait, we work on raising the remaining approximate $14,000 we need. For those praying with us, thank you so much. There is not a sweeter feeling in the world than being supported in what the Lord calls you to do. It is the greatest and most awe-inspirng thing to be pushed forward to the goal by those who love you. It is our heart to be that same blessing to those around us. That’s what the church is all about, y’all. It’s a beautiful thing.