Adoption! Again!

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Almost as as soon as we had returned from Peru completing our first adoption process of our daughter Camila, we believed we’d be adopting again. It’s just something God placed in us. I’m not sure how else to put it. As hard, as faith stretching, and as long as our process had been…we knew we’d be walking the path of adoption once again.

At first we weren’t sure where we’d adopt from again. We wondered if we would end up adopting from another country or even the US. But every time I heard my mouth spouting off the phrases about the difficulty of adopting from Peru, about how risky and uncertain it was, I would cringe at myself inside.

Was it really any harder now than it had been before, or did I just know more now, which caused me to get my eyes off of the ONE who had performed the miracles to bring our Camila home before? God had undoubtedly done the impossible before. Was I so quickly doubting his ability to do the impossible again?

We cannot get over our love for Peru and the beautiful people we have come to know there. It’s an amazing thing when God plants a country in your heart. You can’t get over it, even if you try.

Things are just as impossible as they were before, but we’re trusting the same Lord who has called us, to also do it. To provide the thousands of dollars…to equip and prepare us…all of it.

When Camila joined our family, we were changed. Seriously. Adoption really has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done. I think sometimes adoption is spoken so lightly of, partially because it has become trendy and common. That’s not all bad- but adoption is certainly a calling. As one friend of mine puts it, it isn’t easy knitting a child to your heart. It’s a process. It will certainly not be easy or overnight. There will be struggles and trials.

But we will say yes to adoption again, knowing that we’re called to it. We’ll say yes to the trials and we’ll say yes to the life commitment that it is. We say yes, as we know God is leading us into the unknown again. We trust Him to write this story however He desires.

So here we go again, y’all. Please pray for us, for wisdom, for direction, and for provision.