A Tiny Hiccup

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At the end of last week we finally received our I800 approval in the mail. We needed this document so that we could file for what is called the DS 260. This is all dealing with Chapel’s visa.

We needed two final things for our packet of documents called the Article 5 to be dropped off at the consulate in Ch*na. One was the confirmation that we’d filed the DS260, the other was a cable letter sent by the National Visa Center that they create based on the i800 approval.

  We were a little disappointed to find out only a couple of days ago that the National Visa Center made an error on Chapel’s Ch*nese name on the cable letter.  The order of the names in Ch*nese is a little different than in English and so it was an easy mistake to make. So easy that Danny accidentally made the same one when he filed the DS260.

 This is not a huge deal, and it only means that now our article 5 cannot be dropped off at the consulate on Tuesday as it would have been. Instead on Tuesday we will begin correcting these errors.  Supposedly this should not take much time at all and we will be back on track within a matter of days, so we have been told. Article 5s  are only dropped off at the consulate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I am praying that we will have this fixed and our article 5 can still be dropped off by Thursday.

 The next steps look like this. The article 5 is picked back up, typically exactly 2 weeks after it is dropped off. So two weeks from the drop off date, our representative in Ch*na  picks up the article 5 and delivers it to the CC*WA.  This is how Ch*na knows everything is done on our end. They typically issue travel approval within 7-10 days, but it currently is being issued at about 3 days! We travel two weeks after we receive travel approval.

Assuming that we can fix the name error in a couple of days as we’ve been told, our schedule looks something like this.

-Article 5 drop-off Thursday, October 13

-Article 5 pick-up Thursday, October 27

-Paperwork dropped to the CC*WA by

Monday,October 31

-Await travel approval. Assuming it takes 1 week…Travel approval by November 7.


(That’s only 5 or 6 weeks away!!)

These aren’t definite dates but we should hit pretty close to this! We are continuing to pray and trust for the unknowns ahead! What is unknown to us is fully known by our loving God. My heart swells when I think of what is just right around the corner. Wow.