A Cochlear Implant for Christmas

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The last few months have left us in a bit of limbo as we have been waiting anxiously for the handful of surgeons who will be participating in Chapel’s surgery to be able to coordinate a date to come together and make that happen. The has been a bit nerve-wracking only because nearly a year ago we purchased plane tickets for our family to travel back to Iquitos, Peru over Christmas to go and serve and if the surgery was going to land during that timeline we were going to need to be working on a refund for those tickets.

Well as it turns out, we had ended up deciding to try for a refund regardless because of the pretty large possibility that it might interfere with Chapel’s surgery since she couldn’t travel out of the country for around a month before surgery and for a while afterward due to risk of infection. So we finally obtained a medical letter about a month ago (that was a process) and submitted it to the airline. Sadly, our request for a refund for the plane tickets was denied. At that point we began trying to figure out how to make the trip happen. It’s pretty painful to think about the amount of money wasted when purchasing ELEVEN airline tickets to South America. Since we still didn’t have a surgery date anyway, we began to feel like it was ridiculous to waste that much money when we are a mere three weeks out from our travel dates and still no surgery date.

Amazingly, we were going this morning to expedite passports for our Reedlings who need passports or need a renewal when we got the call that Chapel’s surgery is now scheduled for December 22. This would be right in the middle of the trip, so of course, it’s out of the question that at least Chapel, Salem, Camila and I will be able to travel. The plane tickets did allow for a change before April, however, so we are praying about the possibility of Danny and the bigger kids either going on during the scheduled dates, being able to move the return flight back a couple of days so they’ll be home for Chapel’s surgery, or leaving a few days after her surgery. Either way, we are doing our best to give our big kids the opportunity to be a part of something really life-changing this Christmas.

To be honest, because of so many other big things happening over the last few months, we have not focused our attention in that direction at all. We didn’t think we’d be able to make the trip and besides that, our beloved Reed Rocket bit the dust and we had to purchase a new, dependable vehicle that would permit us to get from point A to point B. But we are doing everything in our power to get the remaining funds for the trip in order so that our five biggest Reedlings and Danny can go to one of our favorite places on the planet, to serve some of our favorite people on the planet, over the holidays.

We’d greatly appreciate prayer over this situation.


But all of that being said…Chapel is getting a cochlear implant for Christmas, y’all! I can’t even believe it! Of course, it will be another few weeks to a month later when the cochlear implant is turned on for the first time…but what a huge blessing! If everything goes as it is supposed to, Chapel will be able to come home on Christmas Eve. Our Christmas will likely be more homebound than we are normally accustomed to, as Chapel will have just finished with an invasive surgery involving the lining of her brain…but to know that very soon Chapel should be hearing sound for the first time in her life is so mind blowing!

This is a side by side of Chapel. The one on the left is of her from a little more than a year ago…and the one on the right is a few weeks ago. I cannot believe how far this little sweetie has come. From barely moving forward at all, if any, to a bubbly, giggly little three year old who is growing every day! Only Jesus.

In other family news, we went earlier this week to find out if we would be adding another brother or sister to our family.

And as is typical for us Reeds…we are having another BOY! hahahaha!

Also, a friend shared this and I thought it was soooo fitting.

We are all looking forward to the remainder of this week which will entail lots of good family time and food, final Christmas decorating, some crazy black friday shopping for the first time ever, and nailing down some Iquitos plans for the coming weeks!