A Beautiful Unfolding

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There are so many good things going on in the Reed house right now. Some really great things. To be honest, there has been some hard sowing for quite a few months and we are seeing the beginnings of harvest in pretty much every area. This makes my eyes fill to the brim.

One big thing on the horizon is this.

Our old farmhouse that’s been on the market for over a year is finally going to another family. There’s a huge back story to this which I plan to share soon. But in a nutshell, when we bought the old farmhouse I really believed God began impressing me to pray that we would pay it off in two years. That seemed absurd to me but beginning that September that we moved in- I began praying that.

No bells went off in my brain by that pressing of the Holy Spirit. After all, my brain is pretty full of static, loud, rough- housing kids, ballet lessons, crazy ideas, screaming, what new worship song I need to learn, some goals, homework, thoughts of food and random songs from the 90’s that pop up every now and again.  It’s no surprise when spiritual things don’t dawn on me as quickly as they should in the middle of that brain gumbo. But had I really thought it through, I would have realized that God might be giving me a clue that we wouldn’t be living out in the country for long.

Before we’d made the move and purchased the old farmhouse of our dreams, we’d had another home for about 8 or 9 years. Two years before we sold it I remember God burdening me very distinctly to begin praying that we’d pay it off in 2 years. I journaled it. Exactly two years later we knew God was leading us to sell and to the month, in the middle of a stagnant market and nation-wide financial crisis, it sold.

So yeah, even though I thought we’d grow old in the farmhouse, I should’ve remembered that paying off a house can happen a number of ways. As most of you know, we put our old house on the market a year and a half ago because we needed to be closer to the church where we pastor. Exactly two years from when I felt urged by God to pray we’d pay it off, in September, a man approached us ready to buy the house. I was praying to pay off a house and God had used that two years to prepare my heart for more changes.

It’s taken five months to get loan issues worked out but we officially close on February 3 and the man who approached us in September is buying our old house. God did it. We have so many sweet memories in Sicily Island but living in two places financially has been tough and we will be thrilled to be free of that burden.

Ooops…it looks like I already told you the story! Ha! Oh well.

Our kids have adjusted well to school life. Carlos got principal’s list for maintaining a high GPA and Josiah and Isaac got honor roll. All of the kids are doing well.

Josiah really wasn’t enjoying school as much as the others and missed the robotics club he’d been able to be a part of while homeschooling. We began discussing the idea of having him go to a local magnet school that specializes in science and math but is very difficult to get into. Josiah is a science buff and he loves robotics, programming and learning how things work. We prayed about it and Danny dropped off the application. They reviewed his grades and told him he could start the next day! Crazy! Only God!

I certainly miss homeschooling. It’s made up who I am and it’s been so much of my parenting and passion for the last 10 years of my life- but it’s sweet to know that God is with me always and he’s also with my reedlings. It’s beautiful to see them thrive and grow. As of now, I believe I will be homeschooling our two littles, Chapel and Salem for a few years or indefinitely- but we will see what direction God puts us on.

Chapel is doing so well. She is getting stronger daily. We will go to see a geneticist, for an MRI and a thorough hearing test in February, which she’ll be sedated for. We are praying for answers and help in figuring out the next steps.

She loves for you to hold her fingers and let her walk around. I believe we’ll have another walker soon!

God is good. He takes great care of us. Even in the difficulties and life changes of the last year he reminds me that he has been bringing forth fruit in what felt like a drought. And in all of the challenges, he even brought us another precious daughter to love and cherish. Only He can do these things! And watching some victories unfold with my eyes feels very sweet indeed. It’s a beautiful unfolding.