9 Days and Cocooning

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In 9 Days I will be meeting my daughter for the first time!! I can hardly believe it! And in only 5 days I will be leaving for Ch*na!!


Hotels are booked. Flights are booked. I guess I need to start packing. Ha!

We are gearing up for what is often called “cocooning” for our early days at home with our new daughter. This is a time when we will take life at a much slower pace (as long as Chapel needs this) to help her adjust to life in a family and for her to begin to learn and understand who mama and daddy are.

Because of this, it is super important during these early days, or as long as necessary, that Danny and I be the ones who hold, meet the needs of and care for Chapel. We will need to keep her with us and be the ones to feed her and give her things. I know this may seem extreme to those who aren’t familiar with adoption and all it entails- but it is through these basic steps of meeting needs and being consistent that trust is built. The foundation of this trust has to be between mom, dad and child and new bonds expand out from there to siblings and extended family and then friends. This is a delicate dance that takes time but is very important for healthy attachment.

In a natural family who gives birth to a child, these bonds are formed, most of the time, naturally. When a child has been in an institution with multiple caregivers it is pretty crucial that mom and dad make every effort to form these bonds. Because of that, we don’t yet know what our holidays and next couple of months will look like- but our focus will be Chapel and helping her feel secure and loved in her new family. We’d greatly appreciate your prayers for her during this transition.

On Friday, November 25 at 9:45PM we will be arriving home with Chapel in Baton Rouge, if any of our friends or family would like to meet us at the airport to meet Chapel for the first time. This will be when Chapel meets her daddy and siblings and honestly, in what is already a pretty chaotic environment, it would be alright if anyone else would like to greet her after that. We hope to have photos of Danny and the kids meeting Chapel for the first time. But I realize this is pretty late at night and certainly do not expect anyone to come to the airport! I just wanted our friends and family to know they’re welcome to! <3

We probably will be recouping from serious jet lag during the next week after that and will be working on our new version of normal life.

For all of those who’ve prayed for us, bought candles and blessed us in immeasurable ways during his process…we seriously cannot wrap our gratitude up into words. Thank you so much for being a part of rallying our daughter home to her forever family. We love you guys. Thank you.