40 Weeks and A Couple of Days…

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Here we are. Camping out. Waiting on baby to show. Apparently, today I am 40 weeks and a couple of days pregnant.

The last month or more has involved some serious work around our house. We have been in the process of getting our insurance changed over and rewritten, and the prep for the home check has been intense. We have been working on replacing old wooden/rotting siding on the back of the house, getting a secure fence around the swimming pool…cutting down dead trees… you name it. We are all a bit worn out from these tasks, which probably have felt a little more demanding on top of the normal nesting that comes with knowing a little one is on the way.


I’ve taken a little break from my Lularoe work and have just been trying to focus on prepping for the birth of our new blessing. Things are winding down as our kids are only about a week and a half from being out of school for the summer. We’ve taken a little break from speech therapies for a few weeks, and most of our other extracurricular activities have ended for the summer. That has been a real blessing to all fall at this time. Mama needed a break!


Anytime now our little fellow could make his appearance. I am just trying to keep walking, making good food choices…and maintaining sanity while we wait. <3