24 hours to Beijing!!

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Roughly 24 hours ago we left Baton Rouge.


We went from Baton Rouge to Houston and then were there until midnight until time for our flight to China. We just landed in Beijing! (All the praise hands!!) Phew!! That was a LOOONG flight. My left knee was screaming after about 5 hours but I was surprisingly able to sleep better on a plane than ever before in my life. It was a long flight but it didn’t feel like 15 hours. I’m sure we look like half-dead, limping, furry-teethed monsters…but we’re here! Bring on the toothbrushes, please!

My mom got us these handy dandy j-pillows that did turn out to be much more comfy than the typical neck pillow.


They kind’ve gathered a small amount of attention though. You have to blow them up. Hilarious. We discovered multiple uses for them with every passing few hours. We’ve spent a lot of time laughing during this trip so far.


Usage 1: Whack your snoring neighbor.

Usage 2: Unpop your ears while blowing up your pillow.


Usage 3: (My personal favorite) The “j prop.” Terrific for keeping your head from rolling around when you get to that delirious point. It even makes you smile in your sleep. Not bad at all.

My mom is pretty hilarious and add on the fact this is her first international trip and major flight! It’s a hoot.

We will be in Beijing for about 6 hours before we go on to Nanning- which is where we will spend the next week and where we will meet Chapel. My heart is exploding at the thought.


Coffee in Beijing this AM.

In so many ways this process has been surreal. We really began this process only about 9-10 months ago. One year ago almost exactly we were sent a profile of a little girl that was waiting for a family, who had microtia and seemed to be able to hear, but could possibly be profoundly deaf. God overwhelmed us with the awareness that this precious little girl was to be our daughter.

So we began the adoption process for the third time, and honestly, during what probably could be called the most chaotic and difficult season of our lives. There truthfully hasn’t been even a small amount of stopping over the last nine months. We’ve had so many obstacles and changes in our family over the last nine months. We’ve lost my meme and Danny’s dad. That was like losing a huge pillar on both sides of our family.

We’ve worked harder than ever before in our lives as we’ve moved and adjusted in our new home. I think a lot of that busy-ness helped us mourn the huge family losses we saw so suddenly.

And in the middle of all of these changes…God’s grace has been sufficient. He’s done the miracle of making it possible for us to bring another treasure home through adoption.

I just can’t stop reflecting on that. What an amazing Father I have, who does the impossible over and over again, even in the middle of our chaos and struggles, his heart is always to rescue and restore and he will use us to do this work even in the middle of our own difficulties!

Oh my goodness! I’m just amazed. I meet my daughter in only 2 days!!