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In the Middle of Something

Each year, as a church, we start the year with prayer and fasting. We begin the year seeking God’s heart and vision for the upcoming days. There have been seasons of life that... READ MORE

Back to the Basics

How is it mid-January? Me-oh-my! It feels like January just started. Over the last month I’ve been putting a whole lot of thought and prayer into what my goals are for this upcoming... READ MORE

How Do They Do it?

How do they do it? How do people without brothers and sisters in Christ, survive? I’ve always known it to be true and I’ve seen it all throughout my walk with Jesus, but... READ MORE

It’s Me!

  We unwrapped each brightly colored ornament one by one. The peppermint candies that looked real enough to munch, the lollipops and the cupcakes…the fun gingerbread men with their iced on smiles. We... READ MORE

The Thing About 6 Months

The Thing About Six Months Old… When you’re six months old, there’s so much to see and learn- why sleep? Short cat-naps are the best solution to shake off the droopy eyes, hang... READ MORE