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Remembering How to Dance

Yesterday, as I was painting porch boards and longing to be done from the major construction projects for the summer, it dawned on me. For the last nine years I have had to... READ MORE

Officially Going

Well despite all of the what ifs, we have decided to officially put it on the calendar. We will be heading West to see Carlos at the beginning of July. Our whole crew... READ MORE

Changes For Summer

We’ve been in a process as a family for a while to get rid of chemical laden junk in our products and diet. We’ve been a lot more successful on the product side... READ MORE

The Waters Sent To Destroy

I learn so much from my kids. Yesterday Salem (six years old) was flipping through a Bible storybook when he said, “I don’t like this story, mama. It’s very sad.” “What story?” I asked.... READ MORE

Out of the Ashes

I struggle to begin this post without my eyes brimming with tears. Why? Because I’m in a much better place than I have been for nearly a year. God is healing my heart.... READ MORE