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Mama Tried

I remember filling out a job application at JCPennies when I was seventeen. One of the questions on the application said, “Do you prefer to finish one task completely before moving on to... READ MORE

A New Name

Salem’s had a ton of questions about Jesus and heaven for a while. We as adults have so many statements that we say in common “christianese” that make sense to us because we’ve... READ MORE

No Doubts

I am blown away by the miracles my Jesus does. All throughout scripture we see the human tendency to quickly forget all the miracles God performs and turn to complaining and doubting if... READ MORE

Needed Contrast

A few days ago the kids and I stopped by Hobby Lobby on our trip out of town. I love looking around at all of the home decor, especially the artwork, clocks and... READ MORE

Confident Hope

Several months back Isaac expressed to us that he wanted to play football. Our summer kind’ve got flushed down the toilet of emergant needs and there just wasn’t a lot of extra wiggle... READ MORE

A Family Update

It’s taken me months to write this post. Months. Those close to us know that we have been facing a storm in our family unlike any struggle we’ve ever faced and it unfolded... READ MORE