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Dossier MOVING!

We received some encouraging news yesterday- our dossier is no longer in translation and has been moved to “in review!” If I’m remembering correctly, most other people I’ve followed who have received pre-approval... READ MORE

Reaching Out in Faith

A couple of weeks ago Danny preached a message on a passage of scripture from Mark and I simply cannot stop spinning it around in my head! You might be familiar with the... READ MORE

Much to Be Thankful For

The last couple of weeks have seriously been a blur. A good blur, though! I haven’t had many moments to stop and reflect or write, hence the few posts I’ve worked on! But... READ MORE

Lots of Firsts

We are having lots of firsts around our house these days. One of those things is Yamilet is beginning ballet and Camila is starting gymnastics!! They are both so excited! Camila is also... READ MORE

Chapel Update!!

    We received a Chapel update!! What an exciting morning!   And she is now standing up and crawling around! Look how sweeeet! She’s checking herself out. My heart melts. We were... READ MORE